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CR World History A

BVHS Fall, 2020

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WH Prologue

We need a time out from the hatred and violence on our city streets.

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In the 1300s, a renewed interest in classical learning and the arts arose in Italy. Thinkers in northern Europe adopted these ideas as well but with a spiritual focus. The desire for a more satisfying spiritual life led some to revolt against the Catholic Church, as new churches were founded. In response, the Catholic Church undertook some reforms of its own, strengthening the faith.

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The Renaissance



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CHAPTER OVERVIEW Starting in the 1500s, European thinkers overturned old ideas about the physical world with a new approach to science. Thinkers of the Enlightenment hoped to use reason to make a better society in which people were free. Enlightenment ideas spread throughout Europe. They had a profound effect in North America, forming the basis of the new government of the United States.

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The Enlightenment


Assignment 13

The Declaration of Independence gave meaning to the philosophy of the Enlightenment. For the first time in history ordinary common people declared that they could govern themselves without a king.

Dr. Martin Luther King used it as the foundation for his, "I Have a Dream Speech." and people all over the world have used it to justify their quest for freedom.

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The Declaration of Independence
The Enlightenment put into practice

On the left you see Thomas Jefferson presenting the Declaration of Independence to Benjaman Franklin and John Adams. In the original version of the Declaration, Jefferson spoke out strongly against slavery but the congress removed his comments.

Jefferson owned slaves himself and after his wife died he began a relationship with one of his slaves named, "Sally Hennings." They were together for the rest of his life and she was with him when he died. In Chicago there is an African American family named "Hennings" who are the direct descendents of Thomas Jefferson.

Nationalist Revolutions Sweep the West, 1789–1900 CHAPTER OVERVIEW

Motivated by the American Revolution and the ideas of the Enlightenment, Latin American colonies won independence. In Europe, liberals and radicals pushed for change.  Nationalism spread throughout Europe, and Germany and Italy formed as nations. Artistic and intellectual movements emphasized nature and feelings, true life, and “impressions” of a subject or moment


Nationalist Revolutions Sweep the  West

American Revolution


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The American Revolution
(Two video's and two assignments)


As you watch these video's try to get a sense as to the attitudes of most people. Very few people could imagine a nation that was not ruled by a king of some kind of dictator. In the beginning the American people loved King George but as the ideas of the Enlightenment took root in the minds of the Americans we began to change our attitude. Finally we came to the conclusion that we did  not need a king. In fact, the United States was the first country founded on an idea tather than some military conquest. We were the first people who believed that ordinary people could rule themselves. We did not need a king.


The Industrial Revolution, 1700–1900

Britain fueled an Industrial Revolution, which changed society. Workers benefited eventually, but at first they suffered bad working and living conditions. Other nations followed Britain’s example and industrialized. Thinkers reacted to these changes by developing new views of society. Reformers pushed for changes to make society better.

The Industrial Revolution


Begin study of Ch-7 Immigration in the late 1800's

We need a time out from the hatred and violence.

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September 8

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The Constitution of the United States
The culmination of mankind's long struggle for freedom made into law.

Aristotle > Renaissance > Scientific Revolution > The Enlightenment > Constitution of U.S.



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September 14

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September 18 & 21

Hispanic Appreciation Month
Helping to keep America strong!

My Story.........

My name is Frank Schneemann and I am the most senior teacher in the Sweetwater District.

In 1974 I was hired as a long term substitute at Southwest Middle. I like to experiment with new teaching ideas related to technology. The District Director of Spec. Ed. observed me teaching and told the Personnel Office NOT to hire me.

The Hispanic teachers and administrators went to the district and insisted that I be hired. People like Maria Medrano, Oscar Mercado, and many others saved my job. I'm not sure why.

In those days there were two dominant gangs at SW Middle, the Imperials and the Sydro's. I was not intimidated by the kids, I felt like I was "hanging" with the kids I grew up with. in the Philadelphia Badlands.I workd with those kids and they became like family.

Open your mind and heart to the Hispanic community and you will find, as I did, that you have joined a new family who will always be there for you when you need them.


Ceasar Foundation Site

  Dudemal & LA Philharmonic
Ceasar Chavez Biography   Dudemal Venesuala High School

Famous Hispanic Americans

  Important Hispanic Artists
Hispanic Contributions to America   Hispanic Americans in Government
10 Important Hispanic Scientists   Hispanic Techology Leaders
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce   Hispanics in US Navy
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Your Hispanic Reflection Essay
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Sept 21

In the 1600's the Parliament tried to force King Charles I to sign the "Petition of Rights." He said that God made him the king and he did not have to obey Parliament.

Parliament cut off his head and tried to run the country without him. It was a disaster so Parliament asked his son, Charles II to become king and he did.

After the U.S. Constitution was written some states refused to ratify it without a Bill of Rights. The Founding Fathers drew from the English Bill of Rights and included one in the Constitution. This document is what you are going to study in this unit.

The Bill of Rights
This document protects the citizens from the government

Thank you James Madison and the rest of the Founding Fathers


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Sept 28

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Amendments 11 to 27

Presidential Debate

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    EXTRA CREDIT Presidential Debate
    Tuesday 6 pm - Any Media Outlet


    Watch the debate between Joe Biden and President Donald Trump.

    Record your observations. What has each candidate said that you agree with? What did they say that you disagree with?

    PRES DEBATE <<< Disabled as of noon


    Both President Trump and Joe Biden want to do what is best for America; they just have different philosophies about government. When you are trying to learn which candidate you want to support, take into consideration things like philosophy and programs and laws they support. You should NOT use things like race, religion, personality, appearance, class, or hearsay. Be positive and factual in your observations.




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