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World History

BVHS Fall, 2020

Mr. Schneemann


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August 3 to 7

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WH Prologue
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June 17

This assignment is a study in how nations, businesses and people need to conduct successful negotiations. The ideas are true for today and they were true throughout history.

Thee are two main rules

  1. Be strong. Always negotiate from a position of strength

  2. Treat the other party with respect. Never cause the other party to "loose face."

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  • Events leading to the Declaration of Independence
    What did England do wrong that caused the American Revolution?

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In the late 1700's Americans loved King George and were proud to be British. At the same time each of the coloies had there own governors, legislatures and court systems and they were proud of their state.

England found it necessary to impose certain taxes on the colonies. Americans did not resent the taxes, it was the way that they were imposed. England told the colonies they had no say in the matter. They needed to pay the taxes, "like it or not."

Americans felt they were being treated like children or slaves. It was the disrespect that bothered Americans. We sent a petition to the king and parliament, asking them to treat us with respect. Their answer was to send a British army to occupy Boston and burn one of our cities.

At first it was only the state of Massachusetts was affected but when the British army began marching South to occupy New York, the colonies felt they had no choice but to prepare for battle.

June 18

The Declaration of Independence gave meaning to the philosophy of the Enlightenment. For the first time in history ordinary common people declared that they could govern themselves without a king.

Dr. Martin Luther King used it as the foundation for his, "I Have a Dream Speech." and people all over the world have used it to justify their quest for freedom.

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The Declaration of Independence
The Enlightenment put into practice

On the left you see Thomas Jefferson presenting the Declaration of Independence to Benjaman Franklin and John Adams. In the original version of the Declaration, Jefferson spoke out strongly against slavery but the congress removed his comments.

Jefferson owned slaves himself and after his wife died he began a relationship with one of his slaves named, "Sally Hennings." They were together for the rest of his life and she was with him when he died. In Chicago there is an African American family named "Hennings" who are the direct descendents of Thomas Jefferson.

We need a time out from the hatred and violence.

Dionne Warwick has an idea.      click

June 22-23

On the right there are lots of resources to help you learn the Constitution.

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The Constitution of the United States
The culmination of mankind's long struggle for freedom made into law.

Aristotle > Renaissance > Scientific Revolution > The Enlightenment > Constitution of U.S.



You are doing great. Keep up the good work.

June 24-25

In the 1600's the Parliament tried to force King Charles I to sign the "Petition of Rights." He said that God made him the king and he did not have to obey Parliament.

Parliament cut off his head and tried to run the country without him. It was a disaster so Parliament asked his son, Charles II to become king and he did.

After the U.S. Constitution was written some states refused to ratify it without a Bill of Rights. The Founding Fathers drew from the English Bill of Rights and included one in the Constitution. This document is what you are going to study in this unit.

The Bill of Rights
This document protects the citizens from the government

Thank you James Madison and the rest of the Founding Fathers


You are doing great. Keep up the good work.