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Mrs. Palmer

Fall 2020


Adam Smith's Ideas Changed the World

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August 3

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The society that puts equality before freedom will end up
with neither.

Milton Freidman

***Feel free to use any of the resources on this page to answer the quiz questions.....Textbook, Power Points, Glosaary***

  • Basic concepts in Economics for AP/IB Students



    • Start a Google Doc word processing file
      Answer these questions on your Google Doc

      • 1. Define scarcity

      • 2. Define Economics

      • 3. Identify the relationship between scarcity and choices

      • 4. Explain how Macroeconomics is different than Micro

      • 5. Explain the difference between positive and normative economics

      • 6. Identify the 5 main assumptions of Economics

      • 7. Give an example of marginal analysis

      When the entire assignment is complete, email to Mrs. Palmer at the address below:

      Do not email individual questions, email all questions in one document

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Textbook Ch-2
Power Point Ch 2

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The Invisible Hand

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Textbook Ch-3

PowerPoint Ch-3




Textbook Ch 4
Power Point Ch 4



Text Chapter 5
Power Point

  • NSA Security Abuses
    • Take notes on video and turn them in for credit
    • Does the government abuse its power to spy on the American people
    • Takes notes on video and turn in for credit

Text Chapter 6
Power Point


Power Point

Chapter 7 Textbook


Text Chapter 8

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Chapter 10 

Textbook Ch 11  
Textbook Ch 14