U.S. History

Fall 2023

Frank Schneemann

Bonita Vista High School



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Early America



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The Declaration of Independence is

  1. A statement of the philosophy of the United States; our beliefs

  2. List of grievances (complaints) against the King of England

  3. Declaration of War


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The Patriot Movie Script



The American Revolution
(Two video's and two assignments)


As you watch these video's try to get a sense as to the attitudes of most people. Very few people could imagine a nation that was not ruled by a king of some kind of dictator. In the beginning the American people loved King George but as the ideas of the Enlightenment took root in the minds of the Americans we began to change our attitude. Finally we came to the conclusion that we did  not need a king. In fact, the United States was the first country founded on an idea rather than some military conquest. We were the first people who believed that ordinary people could rule themselves. We did not need a king.


Find examples in the movie for the following ideas......<<< ASSIGNMENT

Natural Right to: (take notes)

  • Life

  • Liberty

  • Property

First Amendment Freedoms (take notes)

  • Religion

  • Speech

  • Press

  • Assembly

Sept 7

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The Preamble to the Constitution
Memorize the Preamble and names of 7 Articles of Constitution

  • The Preamble to the Constitution
    • Video Lesson <<< 5 min
    • U2 Bono is a rock musician who has devoted his life to helping the people of Africa to overcome poverty and the aids epidemic. He believes in American ideals and capitalism as the only way to help the people of Africa. Listen to what he has to say about American ideals as outlined in the Constitution
    • Bono Video <<< 5 min
    • Preamble Quiz
  • Article 1 of the Constitution


Bill of Rights

On the right there are lots of resources to help you learn the Amendments

  • Use the study guides and video lectures to prepare you for the assignment.

Click Bill of Rights below


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The Bill of Rights - First Ten Amendments -
Amendments 1-4


Amendments 5-10

You have "natural rights" that you were born with. They are the right to life, liberty and property (pursuit of happiness)

The purpose of the "Bill of Rights" is to put restrictions on the U.S. Government so they cannot infringe on your rights. The Founding Fathers were very suspicious of government.


Amendments  11-27.pdf



Hispanic Appreciation Month

Enriching America

My Story.........

My name is Frank Schneemann and I am the most senior teacher in the Sweetwater District.

In 1974 I was hired as a long term substitute at Southwest Middle. I like to experiment with new teaching ideas related to technology. The District Director of Spec. Ed. observed me teaching and told the Personnel Office NOT to hire me.

The Hispanic teachers and administrators went to the district and insisted that I be hired. People like Maria Medrano, Oscar Mercado, and many others saved my job. I'm not sure why.

In those days there were two dominant gangs at SW Middle, the Imperials and the Sydro's. I was not intimidated by the kids, I felt like I was "hanging" with the kids I grew up with. in the Philadelphia Badlands.I workd with those kids and they became like family.

Open your mind and heart to the Hispanic community and you will find, as I did, that you have joined a new family who will always be there for you when you need them.


Ceasar Foundation Site

  Dudemal & LA Philharmonic
Ceasar Chavez Biography   Dudemal Venesuala High School

Famous Hispanic Americans

  Important Hispanic Artists
Hispanic Contributions to America   Hispanic Americans in Government
10 Important Hispanic Scientists   Hispanic Techology Leaders
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce   Hispanics in US Navy
Watch Video McFarland USA


Your Hispanic Reflection Essay
  • Watch the video, McFarland
  • Do the Hispanic Reflection Essay



October 11

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Industrialization of America

October 18


Begin study of Ch-7 Immigration in the late 1800's


Persecution of the Jews

Parody of Schindler's List taken down  UK LAWYERS FOR ISRAEL

Schlindlers List



America's Time

Art of Design - The Century: America's Time

The Century; America's Time
World War 1, Explained in 5 Minutes! - YouTube WORLD WAR ONE
Are we headed for a Roaring '20s economy? - Marketplace THE 1920'S
Keynesian Economics and the Great Depression STORMY WEATHER THE 30'S




Constitution Week 2022 - America250


The Roosevelt Legacy

The Roosevelt Legacy

The programs developed during the Roosevelt Administration during the Depression have had a lasting effect on the United States today.

Programs, such as Social Security, are common place today but were new to America in the 1930's


Final Review Final Review
  • Below you will find the actual final exam for you to practice
  • Repeat the test for as many times as you like until you get  the score you want