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U.S. History

Semester 2  

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Rise of the dictators & Great Depression


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I remember

I remember in 1940 and 1941 how concerned Americans were about the events in Europe and Asia. Most Americans did not want to get involved in another war, as we had in World War I.

I remember listening to President Roosevelt's "Fireside Chats" on the radio. He made you feel that everything was going to be okay and we should not worry. In fact, I campaigned for FDR in 1940 and 1944

Then on December 7, 1941 Japan attacked Pearl Harbor and everything changed. We went to my grandmothers house that Sunday night and my uncles debated which service to join. Both of my uncles joined the army and  my uncle Joe was killed as part of the D Day invasion of Europe.

We collected rags, newspapers, and metal to recycle for the "War Effort." At school our class had a "Victory Garden" where we grew vegetables for the "War Effort." Everyone was involved. There are not many people alive from the war years, 40 to 45. If you meet someone who was alive during those years, reach out and thank them for their effort and service.

At the end of the Kate Smith video you will see George Murphy and Ronald Reagan, both movie stars at the time. Little did I realize that someday I would be South Bay chairman for both men as they ran for political office; George Murphy for Senator in 1964 and Ronald Reagan for Governor in 1966

I sometimes wonder why I love America so much; and I do love America to the core of my soul. Maybe it is because I lived through a time when we almost lost our country. I remember machine gun nests on the Silver Strand and ships burning off the coast of Atlantic City, sunk by German submarines. My faith is with the young people of America. I know  they will be there for us if America needs them again. Because of our young people,  I can truly "rest in peace" when the time comes. 


Marine returning home with
Japanese flag


Post World War II


From 1945 to 1951 my family sent "Care Packages" to my aunt in Hamburg, Germany. Allied bombing had reduced the city of Hamburg to rubble. There was no food or fuel and it was hard to find a place to live. I remember my father filling a coffee can with cigarettes because they were valuable and could be traded in the open market. My aunts name was Frau Marie Pohls and she had two sons in the German army. I visited Germany in 1955. Ten years after the end of World War Two and my aunt was still afraid of the bombing. She lived in a modified bomb shelter.



The Cold War - Video's and Quizzes are shorter

The communist Soviet Union started World War Two as an ally of Nazi Germany. Together they took over Poland and shared Polish territory. Later Hitler invaded the Soviet Union and they asked the U.S. for help. The United States sent supplies that helped them to defeat Nazi Germany.

When World War Two was over the Soviets took control of Eastern Europe and imposed a Communist dictatorship. They also had infiltrated the U.S. government with Communist spies. They stole the plans for atomic bombs and challenged the United States and the West around the world. This was the start of the Cold War.


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The Iron Curtain


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Reagan and Gorbachev

The Cold War Ends
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See the source imageSome people claimed that Reagan was an extremist who would get the United States into a shooting war with Russia and China. Reagan was strong and the Russians respected him. The Soviets knew they could not bully Ronald Reagan.

Reagan and the leader of Russia respected each other and were able to develop a strong friendship built on that respect. Both men knew that they could trust the other to do what they said. That respect led to the end of the Cold War.


1950s and Cold War Review


America in the 50s - "The Best Years"


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Had my first full time job in 1950. Earned .75/hour and gasoline costs .25/Gallon


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America - 1953 - 1960 "Happy Days"
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