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Dear Mr Schneemann,

You don't remember me (and I don't expect you to). My name is Aileen Walters (now Aileen Smith). You were my government teach back in 2003-2004. I wanted to thank you for teaching me as much as you did while I was in your class. I have used what I learned from you in a very big way; and I wanted to share that with you. Three years ago, I was in a high speed car crash with a drunk driver that resulted in the death of my first born son, Dimitri. My husband and I were driving from our current home in Colorado Springs, back to San Diego for the baby shower, and were hit in New Mexico; which had the worst DWI laws in the country... I say had, because I used my knowledge gained from your class to help change the DWI laws in all major counties in New Mexico. If you'd like, give Justice for Dimitri a Google and you'll find the two year campaign that I paved along with the governors office to help see Dimitri's Law save lives. Now that the campaign is over, I thought I would start to reflect on people in my pay that helped me build tools that I used for making Dimitri's Law possible. I never would have thought to make a tragedy in my life into something bigger than myself - I never would have thought to contact the governor's aide- or campaign as I did. Thank you.. You changed my life, and through that helped save the lives of many.


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