Computer Technology in the Classroom
EDT 608
Professor Frank Schneemann

Jan 7
  • Reading Textbook
    • Textbook Web Site
    • Chapter 1
    • For Wednesday:
      Read Chapter 1 Summary by clicking Chapter 1 above.
      Write a one page reflection of your reading and be prepared to discuss Chapter 1 at the start of class on Wednesday.
  • Lecture
    • Bits and Bytes
  • Microsoft Word
Jan 9

Jan 12


Jan 14
  • Reading Assignment
    • Read Chapter 2 about Meaningful Learning in an Information Age in the Grabe and Grabe book
    • Read the Cognitive Theorists Lecture in the Course Units section.  Note down the main principles or ideas of each theory
    • What is Cognitive theory and how does it differ from other learning theories
    • How does Cognitive theory compare to Behavior theory
    • Write a one page reflection on the subject of Cognitive theory and submit to the teacher
  • Technology
    • Input and Output devices attached to your computer
  • Microsoft Excel
Jan 16

Jan 23

PowerPoint Boot Camp

Jan 28

Jan 30

  • Final Project Presentations

Feb 2

  • Consultations Project presentations