Hispanic Appreciation Month

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My Story.........

My name is Frank Schneemann and I am the most senior teacher in the Sweetwater District.

In 1974 I was hired as a long term substitute at Southwest Middle. I like to experiment with new teaching ideas related to technology. The District Director of Spec. Ed. observed me teaching and told the Personnel Office NOT to hire me.

The Hispanic teachers and administrators went to the district and insisted that I be hired. People like Maria Medrano, Oscar Mercado, and many others saved my job. I'm not sure why.

In those days there were two dominant gangs at SW Middle, the Imperials and the Sydro's. I was not intimidated by the kids, I felt like I was "hanging" with the kids I grew up with. in the Philadelphia Badlands.I workd with those kids and they became like family.

Open your mind and heart to the Hispanic community and you will find, as I did, that you have joined a new family who will always be there for you when you need them.


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