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Electronics 260 Syllabus

Spring 2023

Email Mr. Schneemann

Frank Schneemann, MS EDTech


Bonita Vista High School

Southwestern College

San Diego City College

National University

Cisco Network Academy





MON & TUE 4pm to 5:30 pm



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Course Materials Information

You will be required to purchase a package from "TestOut" that contains all of the course materials and ticket for you to take certs free of charge.


Take the ISBN number to the bookstore and you can purchase your access code there. The cost is $125.00

CODE 14-232ta

ISBN: 978-1-935080-42-8 




Your final exam is the PC Pro Certification Exam

13 Labs

No multiple choice or other types of questions

Learning tools

Course Materials


  • Each activity has an accompanying quiz or activity which is graded automatically.

  • Grades are entered into a gradebook which students can access at any time online.


  • Units are accessible online with provided student accounts

  • Students are expected to study each Unit and be prepared for the nightly lessons

  • This is not a "self-study" course. We will teach each unit with teacher prepared PowerPoints. Every concept in the curriculum will be reviewed by the teacher

  • Each of the Units has an accompanying quiz. Look upon the quizzes as a learning tool, rather than a measure of knowledge

  • You are encouraged to ask the teacher for help with any concepts that are giving you trouble.


  • Students are expected to come to class on time (6:00 PM)

  • If for some reason you are not able to attend class, inform the teacher

  • If you decided to drop the course, make sure you do an official drop through the College

    • It is the students responsibility to officially drop classes

    • Students who stop attending but have not officially dropped the class will receive an F grade

  • Absences & Tardiness:
    • Any student with excessive absences, late arrivals and/or early departures will be eligible to be dropped. Excessive tardiness or leaving early is defined as arriving late or leaving prior to the completion of class more than three times. Tardiness/leaving early beyond the third incident usually results in the student being dropped. If any student is in excess of 15 minutes late or leaves more than 15 minutes prior to the end of class, said student will be considered absent for the entire class period. If you are more than 15 minutes late for a test, you will not be eligible to take the test. Unavoidable absences must be cleared with the instructor via e-mail before the absence occurs.


Academic Success Center Referral


To further your success, reinforce concepts, and achieve the stated learning objectives for this course, I refer you to the Academic Success Center learning assistance services. Upon request for tutorial services, you will be automatically enrolled in NC 3: Supervised Tutoring, a free noncredit course that does not appear on your transcripts.

Services are located in the ASC (420), the Writing Center (420D), the Reading Center

(420), Math Center (426), the Library/LRC Interdisciplinary Tutoring Lab, MESA,

specialized on-campus School tutoring labs, the Higher Education Center, and the San

Ysidro Education Center. Online learning materials and Online Writing Lab (OWL) are available at www.swccd.edu/~asc.

Southwestern College recommends that students with disabilities discuss academic accommodations with their professors during the first two weeks of class.

This syllabus and course handouts are available in alternate media upon request.

I am credentialed by the State of California to teach in all of the Special Education areas


If you need special help, let me know.



  • As adults, students are expected to behave in a mature, responsible manner.
  • Disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and will result in suspension from the class for the day, please refer to the SWC Catalog for additional information.
  • A positive and safe learning environment will be maintained at all times
  • Software packages in the lab contain copyright material. Students cannot copy (in whole or in part) any software application. For detailed requirements, refer to the SWC Catalog.
  • Be sure ALL discussion posts, email, and assignments submitted respect all persons and groups and in no way contain any lewd, indecent or obscene material.
  • Additional information is found in the SWC Catalog


Academic Integrity: Cheating is NOT allowed and a failing grade of "F" will be assigned to any student guilty of cheating, copying, or allowing others to copy your work. This behavior is unethical and will not be tolerated. For more details, refer to the SWC Catalog.